Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Green Channel?

The Green Channel is an online streaming service that showcases compelling, investigative and thought-provoking environmental films. We’re a subscription-based service and are completely ad-free, so you can focus on the good bits without any distractions. Learn more about us.

What makes The Green Channel unique?

When you sign up for The Green Channel, you are helping the environment. We believe the first step to solving an environmental problem is knowing about it. Your subscription fees support the making of environmental content. We offer carefully hand-picked content that's hard to find anywhere else online. We also produce and commission original content about the environment.

How do you fund environmental filmmaking?

Simply by buying environmental films, we support the filmmakers that create them. As our subscriber base grows, so will our license fees. Our subscribers can also make an additional donation to any one of our filmmakers. Please contact us directly on how to donate to a specific filmmaker you like that is on our channel. Any amount, any time and we will pass the donation on to your favourite filmmaker.

How do I help you choose who to fund?

When you sign up, choose a film or filmmaker that’s important to you and write their name in the How did you hear about us? box. We’ll give that filmmaker a bonus on their fees.

What else do you do with the subscription fees?

We remaster old films that might otherwise be lost in the digital age. We also have a unique folder called “Public Interest”. In this folder you will find raw or lightly edited content about the environment that has not been made into a finished film. We feel that this content is important for research and educational purposes and want to make it available to the public.

What kind of content do you feature?

The Green Channel looks for compelling films that give a voice to a any one of the world’s species or an environmental issue. You will find films about climate change to endangered species to ones about salmon fisheries to food sustainability and more. Many of our films are investigative in style and we hope revealing and informative. We are also commissioning some comedies and are about to launch a live stand up comedy night about the environment.

We’re also proud of our selection of remastered older films and of our hundreds of hours of raw, unedited footage documenting environmental events of public interest. And we are expanding our library to include series, dramas and children's programs.

How often do you add new films?

We add new content weekly, especially on Wednesdays!

How do I subscribe?

Subscribing is easy! Fill out the subscription form and start enjoying amazing films today. We’re so sure you’ll love us, we’re even giving you seven free days to explore what we have to offer.

What if I'm a teacher and would like to show one of your films to my class?

The Green Channel strives to be a unique resource for educators and students. We believe knowledge drives change. Our founder frequently attends screenings of our original content and participates in a Q and A session about the film’s subject. Get in touch if you would like to book a community or institutional screening or are interested in a group subscription.

How do I use The Green Channel?

Watching films should be simple. When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to hundreds of hours of content. Simply sign in and browse films by category right on the Watch A Film page. Click on the icon of the film you want to watch, and stream your film right from your browser. The Green Channel is now on Apple, please download the App. And we are expanding our access points so stay tuned for new Apps that will allow you to enjoy our library through your various devices.

How do I get the best playback experience? Do I need special software?

The Green Channel will load in any modern browser, though we recommend Google Chrome for the best viewing experience. Javascript must be enabled. It’s important that your internet connection has sufficient bandwidth to handle video streams. We adjust video stream data quality automatically depending on your internet connection speed: a better connection equals better quality streaming.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We're always sorry to see anyone go! But if you must, please login, go to your profile page, and follow the instructions for cancelling your account.

Who's behind The Green Channel?

Scott Renyard founded The Green Channel. Scott is a filmmaker and scientist who writes, produces, and directs award-winning ecological documentaries through the Canadian company, Juggernaut Pictures. Scott has worked on over 200 films and TV projects over his more than 30 year film career. He has dedicated the last 20 years to films and projects focused on environmental issues. Scott's most recent films include: Trial of An Iconic Species, The Unofficial Trial of Alexandra Morton, and The Pristine Coast and Save the Planet Already!

Scott also believes that its just important to protect the independence of filmmakers and their stories as it is to protect the environment. So he decided to create The Green Channel with the hope that the Channel would provide a way for all of us to hear fresh, new ideas and stories about environmental concerns.

When he’s not building The Green Channel, you’ll find Scott creating new films or volunteering as a streamkeeper in the Squamish River watershed.

What if I have more questions?

Don't be shy. Get in touch on our contact page.

How do I submit a film?

We're excited to hear your voice! Please see our page on film submissions.

What's in store for the future?

We dream big. More films, more subjects, and more viewpoints are all in the cards. We’re also building APP's so that there are more ways for you to view The Green Channel content. Something specific you’d like to see? Let us know! We love chatting with others who care about the earth as much as we do.